The OSPT Alliance – Secure ticketing and more

The OSPT Alliance is helping the transit community move toward the next generation of secure, cost-effective, and flexible fare collection solutions through a global, multi-provider community.

Our charter is to define a new open standard for secure transit fare collection solutions, while providing industry education, creating workgroup opportunities, and catalyzing the development and adoption of innovative fare collection technologies, applications, and services. We are also building a global ecosystem of transit operators, transit consultants and integrators, technology solution providers, and government agencies to stimulate development and delivery of next-generation fare collection solutions.

The OSPT Alliance welcomes new members as we work together in an open forum to provide the transit industry with a broad range of innovative solutions.

"It makes sense for Infineon to actively engage with and support OSPT given that we share the association’s conviction that the future belongs to open standards. Open is the only way to give users the convenience they demand while future-proofing transport schemes and reducing investment costs. By making a stand against the limitations and lock-in of proprietary systems, open standards are encouraging a more competitive marketplace while also easing connections between transport operators and other service providers, and thus paving the way for multi-application schemes bundling ticketing with identification or micropayment, for instance. As the leading provider of security solutions, we naturally want to actively contribute to the evolution of open standards as that is how we best serve the needs of our customers and – ultimately – ticket users. Plus we are excited to be working at the very heart of tomorrow’s ecosystem for transport ticketing and many more applications – as confirmed by the strong interest in OSPT worldwide and the steady rise in membership figures. It is becoming increasingly evident that open standards are becoming the standard."

Carsten Loschinsky, Infineon, Member of the Board
OSPT Alliance