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December 2016
Meet OSPT Alliance's Latest Members

The OSPT Alliance is always thrilled to see new members joining our ever expanding, dedicated association. It is only through the enthusiasm of our dedicated members that we can continue to promote the value of open standards for secure ticketing and beyond.

As we come to the end of this year, we are glad to welcome the following new members:

Etertin Corp - The Argentinian-based company is a specialist in developing transactional technology with both hardware and software solutions.

City Group - The leading transport operator and warehousing service provider in Kuwait, City Group Co., serves 55 million passenger journeys each year and is a member of the UITP World Congress.

Polycard - As the biggest plastic card manufacturer in Kazakhstan, Polycard has produced over 100 million cards in its 10 years on the market. It is currently working on its near field communication (NFC)-enabled solutions.

Post North American workshop report

On 11 September 2016, the OSPT Alliance hosted its first workshop in North America. The workshop, entitled Transitioning your Fare Collection System by Getting Account Based Right for Transit, provided an overview of the benefits of the CIPURSE open standard and ways in which it can be used to implement account based solutions. It also featured a live demonstration from OSPT Alliance member, Brush, of its CIPURSE certified reader.

The event was well attended by big players in the North American transport market and was a great success. Laurent Cremer commented, “As the first OSPT Alliance event in the United States, this workshop was a great opportunity to bring together industry leaders and to discuss the successes of CIPURSE across the continent.”

If you would like to find out more about this event, please read the full post-event report on the OSPT Alliance website

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Letter from the Executive Director

We’re now coming to the end of what has been a remarkable year for OSPT Alliance and to the start of one that promises to be even better. Membership currently stands at record levels, with 72 full members and associate members. CIPURSE, our secure, open standard has been named in tender documents and is set for use on three continents – in Barcelona, Sao Paulo and Los Angeles. PTAs are greeting CIPURSE and CIPURSE-based products with growing enthusiasm, thanks to its versatility, security, cost-effective nature, its ability to be easily integrated into a wide range of systems and its overall beneficial market impact.

In addition, over the past few years, OSPT Alliance has been gradually expanding its scope beyond pure card based transport ticketing. During 2017, we will continue that process. This expansion falls into two main areas: technology and markets. 

In particular, mobile is becoming more and more important for OSPT. We already offer the CIPURSE Mobile Guidelines to enable you to implement the CIPURSE app. We are also working on HCE, as a means of actively supporting the broadest base of mobile-using passengers, enabling operators to offer mobile ticketing without having to engage in constricting or expensive business arrangements with MNOs or handset OEMs.

We are also increasingly looking to markets beyond ticketing, including identity, other types of mobility services and IoT. In addition, we're introducing a new type of membership too, the affiliate member, targeted at reader manufacturers.

A key priority for the Alliance in the coming year will be to bring onstream a certification process for CIPURSE HCE solutions. In the meantime, we’ll be demonstrating our approach to HCE at Transport Ticketing Global in London on 24-25 January. Please mark the date in your diary and make sure you come and say hello!

Another couple of dates for you to remember are January 18-19th 2017 when we’ll be holding our Vision 2020 Webinar. If you want to find out more about the OSPT Alliance Roadmap, stay tuned to our website to find out how to register for the sessions.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season and a happy new year full of open standards based success.

Update on Current Host Card Emulation Sub Working Group (HCE SWG) activities

The HCE SWG has been making considerable progress on defining clear OSPT Alliance guidelines for HCE implementation. Once finalized, these will lay out the most appropriate token implementation with CIPURSE that is suitable for offline HCE use. The sub-working group will then focus on implementing a real evaluation kit using the new ‘CIPURSE Token’. To showcase this work the HCE SWG is excited to announce that it will have a large presence at the upcoming ‘Transport Ticketing Global’ event in London, 24-25 January 2017. We will be discussing our latest developments in HCE with a presentation entitled, ‘OSPT Alliance & HCE: Cloud-Based Tokenization with CIPURSE Specification’. We are also exhibiting at this industry leading event and look forward to demonstrating the latest CIPURSE HCE solutions at our stand. In addition, we will be handing out copies of our HCE white paper and HCE infographic, which are both available for free download from the OSPT Alliance website. For further details of Transport Ticketing Global, please visit the website.

Certification - what's in it for me?

In recent editions of the newsletter, we’ve explored certification in some depth. We’ve looked at what it is and how OSPT Alliance manages it and we’ve also examined why it’s important to the market. That might make certification sound like something that’s all about obligation and of no benefit to the vendor but that’s not true at all. Because OSPT Alliance insists that vendors join the Alliance and certify their CIPURSE products before they can commercialise them, we make sure that it’s worthwhile for the vendor too.

When a service provider decides that they need the benefits of open standards and leading edge security for their service, the first place they come to look for a product is the OSPT Alliance website page, which lists all fully certified products. A place on this list is a clear benefit of having your product fully certified. OSPT Alliance also periodically publish press releases highlighting certification activities. This is a valuable publicity opportunity available to all those with certified products. Other benefits include the discussion of your products in OSPT Alliance conference presentations, in our webinars and at OSPT Alliance events. Finally, in a world where service providers value the ability to source product from multiple vendors, certification provides vendors with the valuable assurance that their product will interoperate with those of other vendors.

That all adds up to multiple good reasons to certify – it benefits everybody.

Our new Affiliate membership category

We are proud to announce our new ‘Affiliate’ membership category. Open to all reader and terminal manufacturers, and system integrators active within the contactless market, the new membership aims to further assist the industry in its move towards the next generation of secure, cost-effective and open flexible fare collection solutions. The new membership level offers:

  • Full access to the CIPURSE Specification
  • The right to implement CIPURSE on the transmitting level
  • Participation in one of the OSPT Alliance’s sub-working groups
  • Use of word and picture trademarks in line with the OSPT Alliance Articles of Association.

A great benefit of this level of membership is its significantly reduced cost of membership and no royalties to pay when implementing on the transmitting level. We hope this encourages more companies interested in the CIPURSE solution to join us and contribute to the direction of the transit market in the future.

Update on Mobile Technical Webinar

On 26 September, we successfully hosted our webinar entitled, ‘CIPURSE Mobile Technical Webinar for SIM, eSIM and eSE implementations’. The session, delivered by the Chair of the Certification Working Group, Yann-Loïc Aubin, provided an in-depth look at the key features of CIPURSE Mobile and the CIPURSE applet. The webinar also addressed how the CIPURSE Mobile guidelines leveraged major open industry standards such as GlobalPlatform and ETSI, and how CIPURSE Mobile facilitates multi-application implementations.

The webinar was well attended with over 100 registrants and it was great to see such an engaged audience in what was a highly technical webinar. Laurent Cremer commented: “The success of this webinar demonstrates the popularity of mobile solutions and how CIPURSE Mobile can best facilitate these solutions. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our working groups for their work in developing such advanced solutions.”

You can catch the full recording of the webinar and read the Q&As we received as a result of these sessions here on our website.

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