December 2017 - OSPT Alliance newsletter
A note from the Executive Director, Laurent Cremer

2017 has been another exciting year for technology, with the increasing digitalization of industries and services creating a lasting impact on consumers’ daily lives. The OSPT Alliance and its members are continually working to stay ahead of these advances, developing new specifications that can enable the delivery of new products and services to the market. Staying ahead of the game in this fast-paced digital era is key.

As the transit market looks to the future of MaaS, IoT and smart cities, the adoption of non-proprietary standards will undoubtedly serve as the catalyst to realizing truly connected, multi-application solutions. Non-proprietary standards will help the market meet the growing consumer demand for mobile based solutions, simplifying the development and deployment of applications and empowering operators with flexible new business models. We believe host card emulation (HCE) offers a simple, cost-effective solution to operators looking to launch mobile ticketing and as such, finalizing our CIPURSE™ HCE specification is a key priority for us in the coming months to help the market address this concern.

Security is also becoming an increasing necessity for operators to address, as well as consumer needs. Only the adoption of a non-proprietary standard can enable the quick launch of new security features utilizing the likes of biometric data, facial recognition and new cryptographic algorithms. With members covering a broad range of sectors, OSPT Alliance can remain responsive to the latest trends in digital innovation and continue to deliver high-level security.

Our members are the heart of OSPT Alliance and I would like to thank them for their participation in our working groups and ongoing efforts to promote CIPURSE this year. As new challenges emerge and we continue to advance as an organization, I look forward to seeing further engagement from our members and welcoming new players to the Alliance in 2018.

By becoming a member of OSPT Alliance, your company has the opportunity to join a community working together to drive innovation and a fairer, more collaborative marketplace that benefits all players. To ensure the CIPURSE Standard meets your needs, become a member and join the conversation!

I wish you a happy festive period and all the best for 2018.

Best regards,

Laurent Cremer

Executive Director of OSPT Alliance
CIPURSE Specification implemented in new driving licence scheme in Brazil

CIPURSE has been specified for an ID verification function on a new card-based driving licence scheme in Brazil. The project uses CIPURSE to incorporate personal data, including one photograph and four finger prints, as ID verification on the card. The benefit is that data can be read anywhere and quickly coordinated across related systems.

For more information on the scheme please read the press release.
Our successful workshop in San Francisco

In November we held our second workshop of the year in North America. Hosted by Rambus in San Francisco, the event, entitled ‘Building a future-proofed fare collection system with open, non-proprietary and secure transit solutions’, provided key insights into the latest trends in US public transport and the future vision of ticketing. The workshop included sessions looking at real world examples of using wearables in public transport, as well as a technical introduction to CIPURSE technology featuring international success stories and implementations of CIPURSE in various market verticals.  
See how OSPT Alliance can support the use of CIPURSE in your own projects. Contact us here to learn more.
Could HCE & CIPURSE be the simple answer to launching mobile ticketing solutions? Check out our latest blog

Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology is growing in popularity as the key to meeting the increasing market demand for mobile ticketing. But what are the drivers behind the industry buzz, and how can operators maximize this technology and the new opportunities emerging?

In his latest blog, our Executive Director, Laurent Cremer shares an insight into the benefits of HCE and how operators can super-charge their implementations with the adoption of open, non-proprietary standards. Crucially, the blog also provides an overview of why CIPURSE is the perfect partner for operators to fully realize the benefits of HCE in their mobile ticketing implementations. and achieve a smooth, cost-effective path to market.

To learn more about the potential of HCE when paired with CIPURSE, read the blog here from the LinkedIn page of OSPT Alliance Executive Director, Laurent Cremer.
From Russia with Love: our successful projects in Russia

Russia is an important market for OSPT Alliance in which we have achieved a number of great successes. Our Executive Director, Laurent Cremer, recently presented at the Smart Transport Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 18-20 October, providing an insight into the benefits of open, non-proprietary standards and sharing an update on successful CIPURSE deployments, with a focus on those in the country. The event provided an interesting insight into the transit market in Russia, and we were able to work closely with our member Udobny Marshrut on the presentation.

Udobny Marshrut has been champions of OSPT Alliance in the country, integrating CIPURSE acceptance into over 14,000 validators in its AFC systems. As a fully software based solution, this effectively utilizes the existing infrastructure and can be simply and cost-effectively updated over the air. Also in Russia, CIPURSE has been utilized by CityCard in an access control project for the International Business Summit hosted in N. Novogorod. The project sees CityCard creating all delegate badges to be NFC-enabled and readable from a smartphone.

If you are interested in learning more about the successful deployments of CIPURSE across Russia and our other upcoming activities, please email our Executive Director, Laurent Cremer at
Look out for our member survey!

As another year draws to a close, we would like to thank you for your continued support of the OSPT Alliance. We invite all our members to take part in our end of year survey to help us to understand what we can do to ensure each of you continue to get the most out of your membership with us. The survey takes less than ten minutes to complete and as a ‘thank you’ for your time, we are giving away 20 €10 Starbucks gift vouchers to the first 20 respondents. Look out for further communication in the coming days.

Industry events round up

We’ve attended some key industry events recently from sectors including transport, ticketing, mobile, security and more. These have provided insight into the latest industry developments and have offered invaluable networking opportunities with unmissable keynote speakers.
Intelligent Transport (31 October)
Co-Chair of the HCE SWG, Stephen McSpadden (Rambus) spoke as part of a panel on behalf of OSPT Alliance at the Intelligent Transport Conference in London. His session focused on the future of mobility as a service (MaaS) and why open standards are crucial for MaaS to reach its full potential.
Smart Metro (6-8 November)
The Smart Metro event in Paris brought together key industry stakeholders to discuss the future of urban mobility solutions. Joining the discussion on smart cities, Fabrice Jogand, Co-Chair of the OSPT Alliance Marketing Working Group, presented at the event on the flexibility of new technologies, the importance of delivering mobile solutions and MaaS, as part of the session on integrated intermodal journeys.
HCE Summit (1 December)
Earlier this month we were in Brussels at the Host Card Emulation (HCE) Summit, bringing together industry experts from leading banks, regulators and standard bodies to discuss the future of mobile payments, transport ticketing and more. OSPT Alliance representative, Richard Moore (Rambus), presented on the benefits of HCE to deliver mobile ticketing solutions and why CIPURSE is the perfect partner for launching solutions. Watch our HCE video to learn more about the technology.

Meet OSPT Alliance's latest members

Over the past few months, we are pleased to have introduced the following new members to OSPT Alliance, taking our total number of members up to 90:

Affiliate members (5 members):
  • phg – Specialising in both data technology and connection technology, phg creates components for identification systems where accesses are regulated to control and manage security.
Associate members (50 members):
  • Consorcio Sir Cuenca – Based in Spain, Consorcio Sir Cuenca is positioned as a leading company at national level in urban transport, focusing on implementing Electronic Fare Collection (EFC) solutions.
  • Delerrok – A public transit agency, specialising in EFC, which has recently launched the TouchPass System in order to make cloud-based EFC available to all agencies regardless of size or budget.
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As we finalise the streamlining of our communications, our LinkedIn group has now officially closed and has been replaced with an open, shareable company page.

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