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August 2016
Meet OSPT Alliance’s Latest Members

The OSPT Alliance is thrilled to be welcoming further members to our ever expanding, dedicated alliance. It is only through the efforts of our dedicated members that we can continue to pursue our exciting CIPURSE projects.

We are delighted to welcome the following new members to the OSPT Alliance:

Gemalto - A world leader for security solutions, Gemalto delivers technologies and services to businesses and governments, authenticating identities and protecting data in more than 180 countries. Considering Gemalto’s leadership position into the market, this is a hugely significant step for the OSPT Alliance as we continue towards global recognition of the CIPURSE™ open standard.

Akrocard - The Spanish card producer works with a range of industry-leading technologies to create contactless cards. They are currently preparing for the emergence of big CIPURSE projects in the Iberian Peninsula.


In March earlier this year, we published the “CIPURSE™V2 Operation and Interface Specification R2.0 Errata and Precision List R2.0”, which introduced seven new precisions to be considered when implementing a CIPURSE™ V2 R2 Product. We can now confirm these verifications to be:

  • Supported Profile Types
  • Product Identification
  • CLA of GlobalPlatform commands
  • GlobalPlatform Orientated Status Words
  • PxSE Creation Parameter NbrADF
  • Consistent Transaction Mechanism (CTM)
  • Data Encryption for DGI A00F
  • PxSE Response Length

As interest grows for CIPURSE, we are proud to have published this list as we continue to refine and grow the number of CIPURSE certified products. The CIPURSE standard and errata are available to download from the OSPT Alliance website to registered members and evaluators.

Upcoming events

IOT Solutions World Congress

25-27th October 2016. Barcelona, Spain.

This October we’ll be speaking at the IOT Solutions World Congress, the biggest global event focused exclusively on Industrial IoT. The event, co-organized by Fira Barcelona and the Industrial Internet Consortium, brings together over 8,000+ visitors, 200 speakers, and 140 exhibiting companies for three days of academic conferences and exhibitions. We hope to see some of you there for what looks set to be an interesting few days of business, networking and all things IoT.

Smart Ticketing and Payments 2016

23rd November 2016. London, England.

The OSPT Alliance is also thrilled to be returning to the Smart Ticketing and Payments conference in London this year. Bringing together ticketing leaders from across Europe, the event will see us contributing to the discussion on the ways ticketing and payments can effectively synchronise technical standards to deliver multi modal, end to end ticketing that better serves the industry and passengers. 

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Letter from the Executive Director

As the end of summer approaches, it seems as though activity (at least in Europe) is slowing down as many jet off on holiday and go OOO (Out of Office).

But don’t expect the OSPT Alliance to be clocking off just yet, as there is still a lot going on to suggest that the market is crystallizing:

Membership: For the first time, OSPT Alliance has received two applications in a single month from card specialists looking to become full members. These are Gemalto and Akrocard, who we will be introducing later in the newsletter.

We are also pleased to be introducing Arjo Systems in this newsletter. Arjo is a key player in the Provision of ID and Ticketing solutions. Gaining new partners is hugely important to us as we continue to develop our standards.

HCE: Take a look at our infographic on HCE later in the newsletter. OSPT activity in this field has already generated a lot of interest, so we are very proud of this piece and our move forward in this area.

SDK: About a year ago, we offered to deliver 100 free SDKs to the market. Well, we’re almost there. It has certainly been a tremendous tool to share with the market and has provided us with a far better understanding of the need for testing solutions.

Our new strapline: The OSPT Alliance is always listening to the market inputs we receive. Many have commented on the capacity for CIPURSE to be used to serve verticals other than public transport, such as access control, event ticketing, micro-payments, loyalty schemes and multi-applications to mention a few. To highlight our expanding position in the market, we have decided to add the strapline “Secure ticketing and more”.

Certified products: OSPT is publishing a new test suite this month. Click here to view the list of products available. Our new entrants from a range of regions and geographies is indicating that our open standard, CIPURSE, is having a real global impact.

I hope you enjoy this latest newsletter!

Please do not hesitate to contact me on if you have any questions.

OSPT Alliance June F2F in Ljubljana

OSPT Alliance’s highly productive recent quarterly Face to Face meeting in Slovenia was hosted by Medius, a fast growing Slovenian systems developer and integrator.

Medius provides an excellent example of the benefits smaller companies can garner from participating actively in OSPT Alliance – profile, networking and the opportunity to get involved in standardization work that helps define the future of transit ticketing and beyond. In fact, Medius was one of the key drivers of the creation of OSPT Alliance’s recent highly successful white paper and webinar on HCE, both of which fed into the recent launch of OSPT Alliance’s HCE infographic, which you can see below and download on our website.

OSPT Alliance member representatives spent the two days of the meeting discussing technical developments and marketing strategy for the CIPURSE standard. Decisions were taken about the Articles of Association, OSPT events, webinars and targets for communications, amongst other topics. The attendees also enjoyed Ljubljana, Slovenia’s beautiful capital city. In particular, the spectacular dinner at Ljubljana Castle, hosted by Medius, was a truly outstanding experience.

Some representatives from OSPT Alliance member companies Samsung Electronics (Joerg Suchy), Infineon Technologies (Katja Kienzl and Franz Bruecklmayr), Oberthur Technologies (Yannick Le Goff and Yann-Loïc Aubin) and Arjo Systems (Fabrice Jogand) join OSPT Alliance Executive Director Laurent Cremer and hosts Medius (Viktor Brajak and Miha Zorec) at Ljubljana Castle

Understanding the value of certification

In the May 2016 issue of the OSPT Alliance Newsletter, we explained how the OSPT Alliance certification process works and how third party testing house KEOLABS is involved. We pointed out that companies developing and commercializing products following the CIPURSE specification must obtain certification.

For some readers, this raised two questions. The first was very simple, the second a little more complex.

Question number one is why? The answer is simple too – because the market demands it. Because CIPURSE is an open standard, customers benefit from the ability to source product from multiple suppliers. Only by using certified products can they be sure of interoperability.

Question number two concerns whether certification is a living process. The Certification Working Group within OSPT Alliance is very active, ensuring that certification is entirely aligned with the CIPURSE standard as it develops. Indeed, the CWG has recently validated a new version of the CIPURSE™ Certification Test Plan. This new version 1.07 has been used by KEOLABS since the end of March 2016 to certify the CIPURSE Card Products and takes into account the ‘CIPURSE™ V2 Operation and Interface R2.0 Errata and Precision List Revision 2.0’ as well as some further improvements.  

The CWG actively welcomes new members from OSPT Alliance full member companies – participation is highly recommended for companies active in smart ticketing and beyond.

A Spotlight on one of our members: Fabrice Jogand, Arjo Systems

Please could you tell us about your role within OSPT Alliance?

I represent Arjo Systems, a full member of the OSPT Alliance following a number of working groups. It’s really important for us to see how OSPT Alliance progresses on HCE and other technical aspects, such as certification and marketing. As a result, I’m following the Marketing Working Group (MWG), the Certification Working Group (CWG) and the Technical Working Group (TWG) to get a real insight into these processes. The next step for Arjo Systems is to transition from an active follower to an active contributor.

What are the main benefits that you and your company gain from your active participation?

Participating in these working groups allows us to view the progress of the OSPT Alliance and the growing adoption of CIPURSE first hand. This is a huge benefit to Arjo Systems as we move towards going to market with a CIPURSE implementation.

What would you describe as the highlight of your OSPT Alliance membership?

OSPT Alliance membership gives Arjo Systems the possibility to influence what appears to be the most promising solution for transport and closed loop payment.

What’s next for you within OSPT Alliance?

Arjo Systems has various expertise in card OS, applet and system integration. So for us, the next step is to determine which working group(s) can best benefit from and put to use our expertise- and vice versa! We look forward to what the future holds for our partnership and becoming more active within the OSPT Alliance groups.

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