OSPT Alliance Working Groups

OSPT Alliance has established three working groups which contribute to the aim of the Alliance to provide the standard for secure automated fare collection solutions and beyond.

OSPT Alliance Full Members are able to participate fully in working group activity and actively influence the direction of the Association.

Associate Members may participate in specific working group activities, without voting rights, when invited by the Board, as defined in the Articles of Association.

There are significant benefits to be had from active participation in working groups and OSPT Alliance actively encourages members to get involved. These benefits include:

  • Early stage market intelligence.
  • Enhanced exchange of knowledge and collaboration opportunities.
  • The ability to influence technical standards and strategic activities within the Alliance.
  • Significant networking opportunities with peers.
  • The ability for smaller companies to grow their market influence and visibility.
  • Market profile gained from coverage in OSPT Alliance communications about working group activities.

Each group holds conference calls throughout the year and members also get the opportunity to meet in person at the OSPT Alliance face-to-face meetings that are held quarterly in different international locations.

Marketing Working Group

The aim of the Marketing Working Group (MWG) is to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of open standards for automated fare collection solutions. It achieves this by engaging with the media, delivering presentations at industry trade events, dispatching a quarterly newsletter and hosting OSPT Alliance activities such as training, workshops and webinars. The group also monitors and investigates market trends that influence and shape the future of the CIPURSEā„¢ specification.

In addition to developing communication materials for OSPT Alliance members, evaluators and stakeholders, the MWG is also responsible for establishing relationships with other industry associations with an interest in promoting the benefits of open, interoperable technology standards.

A number of sub-working groups have been established within the MWG to address industry specific topics. The sub-working groups include:

  • Local Sub-Working Groups. Two local sub working-groups (North America and Brazil) have been created to promote the value of OSPT Alliance and CIPURSE to the transit ecosystems in these regions.
  • Mobile Sub-Working Group.  Concerned with the mobile ecosystem and addresses issues related to mobile communications and capabilities.
  • HCE Sub-Working Group. Focused on creating new opportunities for public transport and beyond through leveraging HCE technologies.
  • Systems-Level Standardization Sub-Working Group. Standardization at system-level, similar to CIPURSE at secure media level, for individual Public Transport closed-loop networks, focusing on the interfaces with other adjacent ecosystems, and aiming to stimulate the development of next-generation fare collection solutions.

OSPT Alliance members interested in participating in the MWG, please contact MWG Chairs, Joerg Schmidt or Fabrice Jogand .

Technical Working Group

The Technical Working Group (TWG) is concerned with developing and maintaining the CIPURSE open standard to ensure it meets evolving industry requirements. It also works to educate audiences on how the CIPURSE specification can be integrated into automated fare collection systems today.

The group collaborates with other industry bodies such as ITSO regarding integrating CIPURSE into the ITSO standard.

The TWG is also responsible for offering technical support to OSPT Alliance members regarding their CIPURSE implementations, through the dedicated member hotline.
The TWG has established the following sub-working groups to execute specific tasks:

  • SAM Sub-Working Group. Focuses on defining specifications and use cases for the CIPURSE secure application module (SAM).
  • Mobile Technical Sub-Working Group. Defines optional features enabling the integration of CIPURSE into mobile phones.
  • System Integration Sub-Working Group. Defines minimum requirements for readers interacting with CIPURSE products and contributes to system level standardization activities beyond reader level.
  • Security Sub-Working Group. Monitors the evolution of cryptography attacks and possible impact on security mechanisms defined by CIPURSE. Defines enhancements or additional security features if needed.
  • ITSO Task Force. Supports ITSO in defining Customer Media Definitions (CMDs) for CIPURSE, i.e. the mapping of logical data elements defined by ITSO onto files provided by the CIPURSE platform.

OSPT Alliance members that would like to contribute to the work of the TWG should contact laurent.cremer@osptalliance.org.

Certification Working Group

The Certification Working Group (CWG) manages a certification process for CIPURSE. It has outlined a clear, simple and fair certification program which offers service providers implementing automated fare collection solutions confidence that the products they integrate into their solutions are compatible and interoperable with ticketing ecosystems based on CIPURSE.

The group is currently focused on maintaining the CIPURSE Version 2 Revision 2 certification process. This latest certification program qualifies products that meet CIPURSE Version 2 Revision 2. The CWG continues to evolve and update the certification process and the test plan to reflect new features of the CIPURSE standard as they are developed by the OSPT Alliance.

The CWG also supervises, validates and defines the work of KEOLABS, an ISO/IEC 17025 v 2005 certified provider of tools and services for testing smart cards and secure components. KEOLABS exclusively provides third-party conformance certification, as well as testing tools for in-house pre-certification.

If you are an OSPT Alliance member and would be interested in participating in the work of the CWG, please contact working group Chair, Fabrice Libotte F.LIBOTTE@oberthur.com.

You can find out more about joining OSPT Alliance here.