Product Certification

The CIPURSE™ open standard – created and driven by its member companies – is gaining traction throughout the whole transport ticketing ecosystem.

There are already a substantial number of projects and various applications utilizing the CIPURSE open standard to provide a range of solutions to support all transport ticketing as well as multi-application schemes. And we continue to see new members joining the OSPT Alliance.

To ensure that those projects and applications adhere closely to the CIPURSE specifications, OSPT Alliance manages the CIPURSE Certification Program. It employs a third-party testing house called KEOLABS to independently test each product’s interoperability and compliance with the CIPURSE specification.

Once this has been satisfied, members receive the seal of approval from the OSPT Alliance Certification Working Group that the product can be classed as CIPURSE certified. The CIPURSE™ Certificate delivered by the OSPT Alliance is a guarantee that the certified product will work consistently and as expected as part of an open standard ticketing system based on CIPURSE.

It’s important to understand that any company developing and commercializing products utilizing the CIPURSE specification must become a member of the OSPT Alliance and sign a license agreement in order to commercialize its product. CIPURSE™ User card products must also have their corresponding CIPURSE™ Certificate present on the OSPT Alliance website before being commercialized. 

Products eligible for certification are smart cards, tags, key fobs, NFC handsets and other devices implementing one or several CIPURSE V2 specifications.

Testing Laboratory

KEOLABS conducts CIPURSE certification testing under the direction of the OSPT Alliance. Please contact KEOLABS directly using the contact form to initiate CIPURSE certification testing.

Certification Pricing (excluding VAT):

  • Certification price for one CIPURSE V2 Profile (L, S or T): 6000€
  • Each additional profile: 1500€

Learn More About the CIPURSE Certification Program

Get complete program details in the CIPURSE Certification Program. Learn more about certification definitions, pre-requisites, and the conformance type approval, as well as the forms required for initiating testing.

Overview of the CIPURSE certification process

List of CIPURSE-Certified products