Product Certification

The CIPURSE Certification Program is managed by the OSPT Alliance and is designed to confer conformance type approval on products that comply with CIPURSE specifications.

Products eligible for certification are smart cards, tags, key fobs, NFC handsets and other devices implementing one or several CIPURSE V2 specifications.

Testing Laboratory

KEOLABS conducts CIPURSE certification testing under the direction of the OSPT Alliance. Please contact KEOLABS directly to initiate CIPURSE certification testing.

Email KEOLABS for more information at

Certification Pricing (excluding VAT):

  • Certification price for one CIPURSE V2 Profile (L, S or T): 6000€
  • Each additional profile: 1500€
  • Certification of CIPURSE Server Crypto API: 2900€

Learn More About the CIPURSE Certification Program

Get complete program details in the CIPURSE Certification Program. Learn more about certification definitions, pre-requisites, and the conformance type approval, as well as the forms required for initiating testing.

  • Download the CIPURSE certification program documentation here.

Overview of the CIPURSE certification process

List of CIPURSE-Certified products