CIPURSE-Certified Products

The following table lists CIPURSE™-Certified products that have obtained a CIPURSE™ Certificate from the OSPT Alliance. Vendors are authorized to use the CIPURSE-Certified logo when marketing these devices.

CIPURSE™-Certified Products

Product Information OSPT Alliance Information
Commercial Product Name Product Version Product Registration Number CIPURSE™ Specification Version* Certified function-
Approval Date CIPURSE™ Certificate
Infineon Technologies AG CIPURSE Reference Product V2.0 PRN_F004_ K120723_A R1.1
July 2012
n.a 17/8/2012 approval letter
Infineon Technologies AG SLS 32 TLC100(M) V1.1.0 PRN_F004_ K141013_A V2 R2.0
December 2013
S,T 31/10/2014 approval letter
INSIDE Secure INSIDE CIPURSE Applet V1 PRN_F005_ K120814_A R1.1
July 2012
 n.a 26/9/2012 approval letter
Oberthur Technologies cityGo CIPURSE™ V1.0 PRN_F006_ K130913_A R1.1
July 2012
 n.a 18/10/2013 approval letter
Oberthur Technologies cityGo CIPURSE™T V2.0 PRN_F006_ K141016_A V2 R2.0
December 2013
T 31/10/2014 approval letter
Oberthur Technologies cityGo CIPURSE™S V2.0 PRN_F006_ K141224_A V2 R2.0
December 2013
S 31/12/2014 approval letter
Oberthur Technologies Pearl 600K Classic V2.0 PRN_F006_ K140221_A R1.1
July 2012
n.a 21/04/2014 approval letter

* Errata sheets corresponding to the specified version available on the approval date are considered.
** CIPURSE™V2 Certified functionality: L=CIPURSE™L Profile, S=CIPURSE™S Profile, T=CIPURSE™T Profile, SA=CIPURSE™ Java Card Server Crypto API, n.a= Non Applicable for earlier specification.