Certification Process

Certification follows a four-step process.

Certification Process

Part A

Vendors must be Full Members of the OSPT Alliance and products should be compatible with ISO/IEC 14443 Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Contact the lab for a product registration form, to request a certification slot, and to provide required testing items.

Part B

Compliance with the CIPURSE specification is evaluated according to the OSPT Alliance Conformance Test Plan. Testing is managed by the lab, which also assigns a unique product registration number and checks input documents. After configuring and executing the test suite, the lab reports test results to the vendor.

Part C

The OSPT Alliance reviews the documents submitted by the laboratory and issues a Letter of Approval to the vendor. The OSPT Alliance has sole responsibility for product approval.

Part D

Once approved, the product will be listed on the OSPT Alliance site. The vendor can label the approved product as “CIPURSE Certified” and go to market.

Learn More About the CIPURSE Certification Program

Get complete program details in the CIPURSE Certification Program guidelines. Learn more about certification definitions, pre-requisites, and the conformance type approval, as well as the forms required for initiating testing.

  • Download the certification program documentation HERE.