Software development kit

In an effort to increase industry understanding of its CIPURSE open standard, OSPT Alliance is currently offering its evaluators 100 free SDKs on a first come, first served basis. The OSPT Alliance software development kit (SDK) provides the tools and information required to enable industry stakeholders to begin developing solutions based on the CIPURSE standard.

The SDK contains:

  • CIPURSE™ sample cards, with documentation, from various vendors
  • A PC/SC Reader
  • A software package which contains:
    • CIPURSE Explorer: An Eclipse-based tool for interacting with a CIPURSE card, including an explorer view representing the card contents, a Javascript engine for execution and debugging of scripts, an XML representation of a CIPURSE application and associated perso engine to load the same onto cards.
    • Sample scripts: Javascript projects indicating how to create and operate a simple CIPURSE card application, how to personalize and use various CIPURSE™SAM types, and how to use the CIPURSE command and crypto packages.
    • CIPURSE command packages: Java source code implementing the individual CIPURSE commands
    • CIPURSE crypto packages: Java source code implementing terminal side CIPURSE authentication, wrapping and unwrapping of CIPURSE commands and responses, and terminal side CIPURSE™ crypto functionality with and without a CIPURSE™SAM.

The SDK demonstrates to users how the CIPURSE Specification is implemented in real world use cases. It also explains how to create a CIPURSE-based application along with details of how to structure data inside the application.

To apply for your complimentary SDK, please complete the below application form.

Terms and conditions:

  • The applicant confirms that only one SDK will be requested per company (an OSPT Alliance committee will review all applications and validate the request).
  • The applicant is required to sign a software license agreement.
  • The applicant is required to pay shipping costs for the SDK (all SDKs will be shipped by Exworks France).
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If you would like to discuss the SDK further or have any technical questions, please contact the OSPT Alliance hotline via the online form or or email Mike Strock