OSPT Alliance Webcast Series

OSPT Alliance has launched a series of webcasts which provide an introduction to the association and its CIPURSE open standard, and offer expert insight on key topics impacting the ticketing, access control and micro payment markets today.

Introduction to OSPT Alliance
Yannick Le Goff, President of the OSPT Alliance Board, offers an introduction to OSPT Alliance and provides an overview of its why it was created, its aims and objectives, its current membership and the benefits of open standards.

CIPURSE integration
In this webcast, Yann-Loïc Aubin, Chair of the OSPT Alliance Certification Working Group introduces the CIPURSE open standard, provides a technical overview of the three profiles available and explains how CIPURSE can easily be integrated into existing systems.

OSPT Alliance: A Bottom-up Approach
Laurent Cremer, Executive Director of OSPT Alliance, discusses the role of open standards in facilitating the creation of cost-effective, highly secure, flexible, scalable, and extensible fare collection systems.

CIPURSE for HCE-Based Ticketing Solutions
Stephen McSpadden, a member of the OSPT Alliance HCE Working Group, looks at why transport operators should consider HCE, the best way to implement HCE with CIPURSE and the applicability of this work beyond transport.