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White Papers

  • HCE Synergies with Public Transport
    This white paper examines the potential applicability of HCE to public transport, the importance of open standards in this area and how CIPURSE™, the open standard from OSPT Alliance, can be implemented on HCE.

  • Mobile Network Operators Demanding Open Standards
    This white paper offers guidance to MNOs on the specific value and benefits that its CIPURSE™ open standard can bring to automated fare collection (AFC), as well as a range of other services such as loyalty, couponing and event ticketing.

  • Integrating CIPURSE™ V2 into an Existing Automated Fare Collection System
    This white paper explains how the CIPURSE™ open standard can be implemented today to coexist with established hardware, different proximity integrated circuit card (PICC) types and a range of security systems.

  • Shifting the Ticketing Paradigm CIPURSE™ brings mobility and security to transit ticketing
    This white paper explains how an interoperable and vendor-neutral ecosystem will foster the next generation of secure, cost-effective and flexible fare collection technology.

  • An Open Standard for Next-Generation Transit Fare Collection
    This white paper provides an overview of OSPT Alliance and the CIPURSE open standard, as well as some background on the evolution of the transit fare collection market.