CIPURSE™ Specifications

The CIPURSE™ open standard provides an advanced foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable, and flexible mobility services solutions.                                       





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The open standard powering the future of mobility services

The CIPURSE™ Standard is the cornerstone of OSPT Alliance. Since their creation in 2010, the CIPURSE Specifications have evolved to address changing market requirements and are defined to empower service providers, suppliers and vendors with a fully open, advanced platform to develop secure mobility service solutions easily and in effortless collaboration with partners across the industry.

Now powering a number of global member deployments, CIPURSE is already widely recognized as the open, non-proprietary standard for transport ticketing, however, it has applications far beyond including ID, access control and micro-payments. CIPURSE is now enabling the future of mobility services.

The power of open standards sits at the CIPURSE core. It is built on industry-proven standards including ISO/IEC 7816-4, AES-128 and ISO/IEC 14443, that are already adding trust to the world’s most popular payments types. Fully form-factor agnostic, CIPURSE supports media including contactless cards, mobile solutions and wearables, whether utilizing a secure element or host card emulation (HCE).

Crucially, CIPURSE is independent from both hardware and the hardware provider, ensuring new technologies and applications can be integrated seamlessly and cost-effectively into new and existing mobility as a service solutions.

In short – opening up the market and promoting better, future-proof digital services.

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Want to learn more about CIPURSE? Our information-packed two-day technical training sessions are open to both OSPT Alliance members and non-members alike. In it, you will explore:

  • The flexibility of CIPURSE as a secure storage platform
  • The benefits of using open standards
  • Technical considerations when implementing CIPURSE-based solutions
  • CIPURSE use cases
  • The CIPURSE certification process
  • CIPURSE specifications, functionality, cryptography, security, and more

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