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CIPURSE™ in Action: Flexibility and Multi-Application

22 Oct 2019 | OSPT Alliance workshop Ecuador, Quito

Chicago Workshop - How Standards Impact the Implementation of MaaS and Payment Integration

09 Jul 2019 | Americaneagle.com, Chicago, IL

Lima Workshop - Flexibility and Multi-Application

25 Jun 2019 | Novotel Lima Peru, Lima

In June 2019, over 75 public transportation stakeholders and influencers from across Latin America gathered together to attend OSPT Alliance’s ‘CIPURSE™ in Action: Interoperability and Multi-Application’ workshop.

Santiago Workshop - CIPURSE in Action: Flexibility and Multi-Application

28 Aug 2018 | Santiago, Chile,

On 28 August, OSPT Alliance, with the support of member sponsors Americaneagle.com and Infineon Technologies held a free to attend workshop, which provided delegates with exclusive insight into how the advanced features of the CIPURSE Specification meet the latest and most innovate market needs in Latin America.

Sao Paulo Workshop - CIPURSE in Action: Flexibility and Multi-Application

17 Apr 2018 | Sao Paulo, Brazil,

OSPT Alliance’s workshop on 17 April in São Paulo, Brazil, was sponsored by Full Member, Linxens and attracted 65 attendees from across the transport ecosystem.

San Francisco Workshop - Building a Future-Proofed Fare Collection System with Open, Non-Proprietary Standards and Secure Transit Solutions Hosted by : Rambus

14 Nov 2017 | San Francisco, , CA

In November 2017, OSPT Alliance member, Rambus, hosted a workshop at its offices in San Francisco. The event brought together industry-leading experts to discuss the benefits and use cases for CIPURSE, the importance of open, non-proprietary standards, and to share visions for the future of smart ticketing.