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OSPT Alliance Certifies Three New Products to its CIPURSE Specification

December 17, 2018

Austria Card and Infineon Technologies are the latest companies to have products receive CIPURSE Certification, demonstrating adherence to the non-proprietary, CIPURSE™ Specification from global association, OSPT Alliance.

A total of 20 products from eight companies worldwide are now CIPURSE certified. The CIPURSE certification program provides mobility services stakeholders with confidence that the products they choose to integrate into their solutions are interoperable and compatible with existing ecosystems based on CIPURSE. The CIPURSE Certification program utilizes a third-party testing house, to ensure all testing is independent and performed by a specialist in functional testing.

“OSPT Alliance is committed to supporting the global creation of more secure, seamless and open mobility services that benefit all stakeholders in the value chain,” comments Philippe Martineau, President of the Board at OSPT Alliance. “As the industry continues to evolve and more services converge and centralize onto smartphones, it is great to see how the cornerstone CIPURSE platform is adding strategic value to mobility on demand services.”

The latest products to receive CIPURSE certification are:

  • Austria Card – Citiflex LS 0.9.1 (certified to CIPURSE L and CIPURSE S)
  • Infineon Technologies AG – SLS32TLC00xS(M) V1.0.2 (certified to CIPURSE L and CIPURSE S)
  • Infineon Technologies AG – SLS32TLC100(M) V1.5.0 (certified to CIPURSE L, CIPURSE S and CIPURSE T)

“The value of the CIPURSE Specification spans a range of mobility services – such as transport ticketing, ID, access control and micro-payments – business models and regional markets,” adds Philippe. “As CIPURSE also offers three different profiles, our members are able to certify their products to whichever profile best aligns their specific business requirements.”

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