OSPT Alliance Holds Workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil


OSPT Alliance Holds Workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Post Date: Apr 11, 2019

On 17 April 2018, OSPT Alliance held its workshop, ‘CIPURSE™ in Action: Flexibility and Multi-Application’, in São Paulo, Brazil. The event was sponsored by Full Member, Linxens and was attended by 65 attendees from 41 companies across the transport ecosystem, including public transport authorities, government officials, card manufacturers, payment service providers and system integrators.

The workshop began with an introduction to OSPT Alliance and the role of the CIPURSE open standard, which offers an advanced foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable and flexible mobility solutions across multiple use cases.   

With CIPURSE deployments gaining momentum across Brazil and Latin America, presentations focused on developments in this region. These included talks given by the President of URBS (Curitiba PTO) and the President of ARTESP (São Paulo State Toll Regulator) on the implementation of CIPURSE in future projects in Brazil.

OSPT Alliance members, HID Global, Cardtek Digital Payment Solutions, IDEMIA and Planeta Informática also gave presentations focusing on their latest CIPURSE success stories. The workshop closed with a lively discussion panel.

Laurent Cremer, Business Development Ambassador at OSPT Alliance, and host of the workshop commented, “The event was a huge success, with the room filled to capacity. It is clear that there is much interest in developing CIPURSE as an integral part of the Brazilian ecosystem. We look forward to expanding OSPT Alliance’s reach in Brazil and the Latin America region and, based on the positive reaction and participation from our members, we hope to plan many more such events in the future.”