Why OSPT Alliance?

Every day in cities across the world, millions of people are on the move; transportation methods are changing on a daily basis and the next generation of transport ecosystem will differ significantly from those of past generations.

The extensive global growth in urban density and issues such as pollution and traffic, restrictive cost programs for transportation infrastructures and space limitations, have driven many cities worldwide to rethink their infrastructures and look towards the benefits of becoming a smart city. This has been made possible thanks to improved technology availability and the growth of ‘mobility services’. 

As consumers increasingly ‘go digital’ the demand for convenient mobility services that ease and simplify the routines of daily life is higher than ever.

The challenge for mobility stakeholders is not only predicting which mobility solutions will stick, but also trying to determine how fast the existing transportation networks can respond to changing consumer demands. With services from transport ticketing to micro-payments centralizing onto smartphones, players across the mobility ecosystem are keen to deliver value-added services that complement the consumer experience, allow them to enhance their offerings and tap-in to new revenue streams.

This can only be achieved if mobility solutions are developed on a single, secure, common platform, which integrates all modes of transport, payment and adjacent services such as loyalty schemes. Creating an infrastructure based on a common platform opens up the playing field for new vendors, generating new, more competitive and more innovative business models.

This expanding and evolving infrastructure needs to rely on security standards that support the delivery of seamless and convenient services. OSPT Alliance and its CIPURSE™ Specification offer the ideal solution for existing and new mobility solutions. With its membership comprising of key stakeholders with extensive experience in the mobility services sector, OSPT Alliance can support the industry as it develops mobility solutions that meet current and future technology requirements enabling sustainable long-term go-to-market strategies.