Philippe Martineau


Mr. Philippe Martineau has been Senior Director of Ecosystem Business Development for The Cryptography Research Division at Rambus Inc. since September 11, 2014. Mr. Martineau joined the Rambus Worldwide Sales and Operations organization with a focus on mobile ecosystem and business development in the security space.

With more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Martineau has served in various roles for both large and disruptive companies. Mr. Martineau is responsible for developing INSIDE's worldwide emerging NFC business line in various market segments such as mobile telecommunication and the consumer market.

Mr. Martineau served as Vice President of Business Development for Europe at DeviceFidelity, Inc. Mr. Martineau served as an Executive Vice President for Mobile NFC and Executive Vice President of NFC Business Line at INSIDE Secure and served as its Vice President of NFC Business Line since April 2006. Mr. Martineau served for 17 years in the smart card industry working for Gemplus in France including 3 years in the United States, predominantly focused in the Telecommunication industry.

Involved in GSM standardization since 1989, he has developed strong knowledge and connections within this industry while holding several positions within Gemplus, moving from a technical background to management positions. Based in the US during three years as Director of Marketing, he worked at developing the North American GSM market. He managed the Product Line of the Telecom Business Unit and served as Vice President of 'Strategy'.

Mr. Martineau is currently the President of the OSPT Alliance Board.

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