Technical Training


With the popularity of CIPURSE™ growing rapidly, OSPT Alliance developed its CIPURSE technical training program to better support the mobility services ecosystem in understanding the power and scope of the CIPURSE Specifications, and how they can be effectively implemented across a range of mobility solutions including transport, ticketing, loyalty and micro-payments.

The two-day session is available to both OSPT Alliance members and non-members, and will be of particular interest to:

  • Transit and government agencies
  • Consultants
  • System integrators
  • Software developers
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • Card manufacturers
  • Technology service providers

The training is delivered by FIME, a testing and certification specialists with over 20+ years’ experience ensuring the efficient and successful implementation of card and mobile transaction services.


In addition to finding out more about OSPT Alliance, attendees will receive an in-depth technical insight into CIPURSE. Specifically, training sessions will address:

  • CIPURSE’s flexibility as a secure storage platform
  • The technical considerations when implementing CIPURSE-based solutions
  • The benefits of open standards
  • The CIPURSE Specification set and functionality
  • CIPURSE use cases
  • CIPURSE cryptography and security
  • The CIPURSE software development kit
  • Achieving CIPURSE certification


In-house or open training

Training is delivered in open sessions at the FIME headquarters in the Paris area; or, if you require a group of students to be trained, the training is also offered as a dedicated in-house session at a company’s premises.


OSPT Alliance member discounts

Full members are eligible for a 15% discount on the full registration fee.

Affiliate members are eligible for a 10% discount on the full registration fee.

*Terms and conditions apply.

For more information on how to book an in-house training session, please contact the OSPT Alliance Secretariat, Mike Strock, at [email protected].