About Elatec

ELATEC is a global leader in user authentication and identification solutions for business and consumer applications. They work with their global partners to develop innovative RFID and mobile credentialing systems that enable secure, convenient and frictionless access to places, devices, equipment and data. ELATEC drives digital transformation for their partners and clients through ground-breaking multi-technology readers, advanced authentication software and world-class service and support. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, ELATEC has been advancing authentication technology since 1988. They now have 20 global locations and partner with customers across a broad range of applications and industries, including secure printing, EV charging, fleet management and many more.

Company Information:

URL: https://www.elatec-rfid.com
General Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +49 89 552 9961 0
Type Of Organization: Hardware Manufacturers
Membership type: Affiliate Membership
CIPURSE certified products or services: Coming soon: Elatec TWN4 RFID reader/writer family