About Urbanito

Urbanito is a company dedicated to the specialised transport service of persons. Its vision of the future is to become the best and most efficient movility (transport) of people company in the country, implementing new strategies that allow it to meet the needs of its customers who are the greatest collaborators for the success of the company. Its mission is to provide the user with a fast, secure, comfortable and reliable service. It respects its customers who are most valuable to its service.

Company Information:

URL: http://www.urbanito.com.pe/
General Email: [email protected]
Address: Jr. Manoa # 391, Breña
City: Lima
Country: Peru
Zip Code: 05760
Phone Number: +051-955 550 191
Type Of Organization: Transit Agencies
Membership type: Associate Membership
CIPURSE certified products or services: Our need is to introduce CIPURSE in our country account based ticketing urban transportation