Executive Team & Communications

Mike Strock

Mike Strock

General Secretary 

Mike Strock is General Secretary of OSPT Alliance. He brings with him experience managing other non-profit standards bodies and industry associations.

Mike’s role includes managing the day-to-day activities of the alliance, supporting the President of the Board and Board members, coordinating with the working group chairs, overseeing the financial elements of the alliance, managing events and liaising with other organisations to expand the reach of the alliance.

Prior to working with OSPT Alliance, Mike has supported the activities of SIMalliance, the Secure Technology Alliance and the US Payments Forum (formally the Smart Card Alliance and EMV Migration Forum respectively), as well as GlobalPlatform and EMVCo.

Laurent Cremer

Laurent Cremer

Business Development Director 

Laurent Cremer is Vice President of International Business Development at Rambus, which he joined in July 2018 after eight years as Executive Director of OSPT Alliance since its formation in 2011. 

During this time, he successfully developed awareness of the alliance, secured key partnerships within the public transport ecosystem and engaged new members to join and contribute to the work of the body.

His invaluable experience and expertise continue to support business market development activities for the Alliance as part of his new role at Rambus.

Laurent has more than 25 years’ experience working within the smartcard and RFID sector across the telecom, transportation, banking and ID markets. He has worked in numerous roles for companies such as Arkadin, IPICO, TID and Gemalto, worldwide. 

Laurent is commercially proficient in four languages: French; English; Spanish; and Portuguese.



PR agency

iseepr is an independent UK-based PR agency, which specialises in the provision of business-to-business PR and communication services to international organisations operating within the smart card sector and related vertical industries.

Through working relationships with clients in these sectors, the iseepr team has vast technical and operational knowledge of the smart card industry and an expansive network of media and industry contacts within this field. The iseepr team is committed to delivering the very best client PR experience through effective and frequent communication processes, efficient reporting and evaluation procedures, a proactive approach to PR efforts by the agency and of course, the ongoing generation of excellent results.