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Read OPST Alliance’s thought-provoking materials on the changing world of mobility services to help you understand more about the value of CIPURSE™ and open standards.

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    Why OSPT? Flyer

    In this flyer, get an overview of OSPT Alliance, its mission, and its non-proprietary open standard, CIPURSE™.

  • Calling_consultants-_mailer_

    Calling Consultants! Flyer

    OSPT Alliance is committed to supporting consultants and raising engagement in the organization. Download this flyer for insights into the benefits of becoming an Associate member.

  • Annual_report_2019

    Annual Report 2019

    Read our latest Annual Report for insights and updates from OSPT Alliance.

  • annual-report

    Annual Report 2018

    Learn more about the activities of OSPT Alliance over the last twelve months.

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    The Future of Mobility

    This presentation explores the future of mobility services and how the industry must adapt if it is to keep up with new demands of today's digital consumer for more on-demand, convenient transport services.​

  • ebook

    Account-Based Ticketing eBook

    Is account-based ticketing (ABT) the answer to promoting a better travelling experience? Read our latest eBook to learn more.

  • Whitepaper: HCE Synergies with Public Transport

    This white paper looks at utilizing HCE technology in the public transport world and takes a deep dive into the benefits of pairing implementations with the CIPURSE™ open standard.

  • Whitepaper: Mobile Network Operators Demanding Open Standards

    This white paper offers guidance to MNOs on the specific value and benefits that the CIPURSE Standard can bring to automated fare collection, as well as a range of other services such as loyalty, couponing and event ticketing.

  • Whitepaper: Shifting the Ticketing Paradigm CIPURSE brings mobility and security to transit ticketing

    This white paper explains how an interoperable and vendor-neutral ecosystem will foster the next generation of secure, cost-effective and flexible fare collection technology.

  • Whitepaper: An Open Standard for Next-Generation Transit Fare Collection

    This white paper provides an overview of OSPT Alliance and the CIPURSE Standard, as well as background on the evolution of the transit fare collection market.

  • infographic-hce-cipurse

    Infographic: HCE and CIPURSE

    This infographic investigates why HCE is a perfect pairing for CIPURSE and transport services, and details the wide range of mobility service business cases this combination can generate.

  • infographic-collaborative-hce

    Infographic: A Collaborative Approach to HCE

    Transport ticketing is the killer app for HCE. Check out our infographic to see how our open standard, collaborative approach is helping to drive the use of mobile and realise the full potential of HCE-based technologies.

  • infographic-why-use-hce

    Infographic: Why use HCE with CIPURSE in public transport?

    The infographic details the size of the market opportunity for HCE in public transport ticketing and explains its benefits, including how it is cost effective, leverages existing infrastructure and enables multi-applications. It also explains why HCE works so well with CIPURSE™, the open standard from OSPT Alliance, and lays out a range of options to suit different transport operator needs.

Results: 13 Articles found.