“The CIPURSE Specification is a compelling option for many players in transport ticketing. In response to rising demands for new services such as mobile ticketing, it offers a simple, flexible and cost-effective answer. Not to mention the specification can deliver much more than that: ID applications, event ticketing, access control, loyalty…

“Collaborating with OSPT Alliance to deliver technical training is an important step in supporting the industry to take advantage of open standards in transit for AFC System. The course aims to take away the strain of technical complexity and help industry players including Transport operators (PTO), vendors and app developers get to grips with CIPURSE, its wide range of applications, and how to achieve certification.”

Myung-Hwa Calais
Director of Transport

"As a member of the OSPT Alliance marketing working group, our aim is to actively contribute to standards that span the entire ecosystem – connecting industry players, operators and service providers. Our security know-how and unique contactless system expertise allow us to engage in constructive discussions with other industry members and – more specifically – end customers. This dialog gives us an excellent understanding of market needs and future trends so of course we channel these insights into ongoing product developments. This gives us a crucial time-to-market advantage.

The OSPT Alliance unites all members under a clear mission, also providing a transparent set of rules governing collaboration and the handling of IP. Additionally, it ensures independent certification to foster interoperability. This collaborative framework allows us and all working group members to openly share insights and contribute to specifications that, on one hand, fulfil market requirements and, on the other, can be made available under non-discriminatory conditions.

We are totally committed to the association’s mission so it is exciting and rewarding to be an active part of a technology that is set to shape the future of transport ticketing along with similar applications and multi-application schemes."

Katja Kienzl
Former Member of the Board, OSPT Alliance
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