Working Groups

Marketing Working Group

Chaired by:


Arnaud Depaigne

The Marketing Working Group (MWG) raises awareness of the importance and benefits of non-proprietary standards for mobility services. It provides OSPT Alliance members and the wider mobility industry with the tools needed to drive deployment and implementation of the CIPURSE Specification across a number of use cases.

Activities include:

  • Engaging with the media and key analysts to communicate OSPT Alliance’s messaging.
  • Speaking at international industry conferences to educate mobility stakeholders and engage with the wider industry.
  • Developing and dispatching a bi-annual newsletter showcasing the key activities of the association.
  • Managing OSPT Alliance's regional workshops.

The MWG creates dedicated sub-working groups as required to respond to evolving market needs.


LatAm Sub-Working Group

Co-chaired by:


Luiz Guimaraes
Infineon Technologies


Marco Pavan


The LatAm Sub-Working Group is committed to promoting the value of OSPT Alliance and the CIPURSE Specification to mobility services in Latin America. For many years, the region has led the way in the adoption of open standards. Today, OSPT Alliance has many Latin America based member companies ranging from PTOs to software providers, system integrators and software developers. It is also home to a number of CIPURSE deployments across Brazil, Ecuador and Nicaragua with applications including ID, public transport and toll booths. For more information please contact:[email protected]



North America Sub-Working Group

Chaired by:

Chung Chung Tam

Chung Chung Tam

The North America Sub-Working Group promotes the value of OSPT Alliance and CIPURSE to transit ecosystems in the region. The group demonstrates how CIPURSE can address new market requirements such as account-based ticketing and mobile.

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Technical Working Group

Chaired by:

Franz Bruecklmayr

Franz Bruecklmayr
Infineon Technologies

The Technical Working Group (TWG) develops and maintains the CIPURSE Specification to meet evolving industry requirements. It also educates audiences on how the specification can be integrated into existing mobility solutions.

Activities include:

  • Monitoring and investigating market trends that shape the future of the CIPURSE Specification. 
  • Constantly reviewing and enhancing the CIPURSE Specification to respond to market needs.
  • Developing dedicated specifications in response to new technologies.
  • Managing the CIPURSE technical training.

The TWG creates dedicated sub-working groups as required to respond to evolving market needs.


HCE Sub-Working Group

Chaired by:


Currently Vacant

The HCE Sub-Working Group focuses on creating new opportunities for mobility solutions through leveraging HCE technologies.


System Integration Sub-Working Group

Chaired by:

Bala Raja Munjuluri

Bala Raja MunjuluriRaja
Infineon Technologies Private Limited

The System Integration Sub-Working Group defines the minimum requirements for readers interacting with CIPURSE products and contributes to system level standardization activities beyond reader level.


Philippines Sub-Working Group

Chaired by:


Raja Babu Bula
Infineon Technologies Private Limited

The Philippines Sub-Working Group has been created to address the specific requirements of the Philippines Department of Transport (DoTR) in deploying a national standard for mobility services.  

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Certification Working Group

Chaired by:


Yann-Loïc Aubin​

The Certification Working Group (CWG) manages the certification process for CIPURSE. It outlines a clear, simple and fair certification program, which offers service providers implementing mobility solutions confidence that the products they integrate are compatible and interoperable with infrastructures based on CIPURSE.

CIPURSE Certified

Activities include:

  • Ensuring that applications and solutions developed by OSPT Alliance members and the wider mobility market are compliant with the CIPURSE Specification.
  • Liaising with a third-party testing house, ICUBE, to ensure independent testing of each product’s interoperability and compliance with CIPURSE.
  • Issuing the ‘CIPURSE Certified’ certificate to certified products and solutions.
  • Managing the use of the CIPURSE Certified logo.

Find out more about the CIPURSE Certification programme